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Third Party Payroll Services

We provide cost-effective & dependable outsourced workforce third party payroll services to clients around the world. Our services span end-to-end payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting services. Leverage our expertise and ease your routine administrative tasks by partnering with our experts. So you can stop worrying about fines and penalties concerning late or incorrect filings and benefit from substantial cost reductions in payroll management services.

We help clients with entire third party payroll services to increase productivity and handle seasonal surges in hiring. Combining hiring with third party payroll services is a good option where clients can allocate an employee or candidate sourced into our payroll. We also handle all the required paperwork and on record become the candidate’s employer.

Our Services




Attendance & Payroll


Statutory Compliance


Exit Formalities

Oracle Consulting Services

Organizations across the world rely on Mindpool’s Oracle expertise to help them maximize return on investment across the Oracle Solutions. Our specialists aim to deliver substantial value to your business processes and equip you with cutting-edge expertise to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. We provide comprehensive services in Oracle EBS, Oracle SCM and Oracle SOA covering upgrade & support solutions.

With our in-depth industry, technology, and Oracle expertise, we deliver solutions that drive competitive advantage for your business across the globe. Our offerings extend across your business critical functions and key industries in which you operate – to transform, enhance and optimize your business processes. With best-in-class Oracle professionals, we work closely with our clients in any given market to provide the resources and expertise needed for their success.


Our experts help you complete the upgrade faster & flexibly with lower costs and risks


We understand your business, processes & applications & deliver custom support services

Web And Mobile

Web Application Development

Web Development Experts at Mindpool aim to help clients with the most unique and modern solutions that are meant to succeed in world web market. Our specialists closely assess market & customer needs and make your website exclusively functional, valuable, creative & profitable. We at Mindpool believe that creating amazing user experience is the best promotion for your products or services. We also provide post release support and maintenance services to ensure our solution’s optimum performance.

Our designers, UI/UX experts, technical architects and dedicated developers are highly-experienced in the most innovative & efficient technologies and leading-edge approaches to web development, whether its creating an engaging promotional website or building a feature-rich E-commerce portal. So you get a dedicated team of professionals allotted to your project who are completly invested in providing the best solutions that make you future-ready.

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Web Application Modernization
  • Application Integration
  • Application Re-engineering
Mobile Application Development

Mindpool offers a dedicated team of highly skilled mobile app developers that have expertise in end-to-end mobile application development services for all major mobile platforms such as IOS & Android. We take care of the entire project lifecycle, right from conceptualization stage to a market-ready refined product. Our aim is to create best-in-class hybrid apps that are able make waves in the mobile market and facilitate better customer satisfaction and generate greater revenues.

At Mindpool our extremely skilled designers, UI/UX experts, technical architects and dedicated developers- have cutting edge knowledge of mobile app development environments & best-practices. Be it iOS mobile app development, Android app development or a Hybrid one, our Mobile Development team is highly expert to bring the app of any sophistication to life. Our apps are packed with enhanced customer experience, high performance, usability and reliability.

  • Native Mobile App Development
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Application Re-engineering
  • Existing Mobile App Conversion

It staffing


We will enable your organization to cost-effectively & quickly recruit the required talent based on a streamlined contract signed between your organization and the contract employee. The contract period can differ depending on the needs of your business. We, at Mindpool Technologies, provide you with hassle-free contract staffing services wherein eligible or qualified candidates are considered for the required period of time-based on your distinctive business needs.

We also provide temporary staffing services to our clients, where the required workforce is provided for a given period of time to handle the extra workload, support your existing workforce and even substitute your employees during their leave period.


We help you with a comprehensive hiring strategy that allows you to assess the potential candidates before hiring them.

Tell us about your needs

We understand that acquiring enhanced capabilities to meet the ever demanding market needs call for just the right professional. To cater to the open positions, we understand that the candidate has to be chosen after utmost scrutiny.

Try before Hire

Our Contract-to-Hire services allow you to try a potential candidate before actually hiring them for your organization. It helps you decide on the factors like company-fit-profile, responsible traits, and dedication.

Take the Final Call

We bring about a comprehensive strategy to choose the best individuals and retain them on our payroll system until a final decision is made. We save your time and efforts of scrutinizing candidates so that you can focus on your core functions.


Your business will thrive and flourish based on your ability to innovate. And your human assets will help you to innovate continuously. Thus its hugely essential to have dedicated & quality permanent employees as a part of your organization. Companies today are ensuring that effective Permanent Staffing becomes a critical component of their business strategy.

Mindpool’s Permanent Staffing Solutions allow your business to hire competent permanent workforce that adds more value to your organization and its operations. After all, our talent experts very well understand that a talented and dedicated resource is an invaluable asset for an enterprise. We assess your requirements, create personalized solutions and help you leverage best-in-class permanent staffing services without any hassles.

Our Approach

  • We Understand your requirements
    We will closely understand your business processes, long-term and short-term objectives, and your company culture
  • Customized recruitment plan
    After gathering your requirements, our experts will develop a custom-made hiring plan for you based on your needs.
  • Shortlisting and verification of candidates
    Our experts will select the most suitable candidates & verify them to ensure that only the best are forwarded to you
  • Finalizing the job offer and follow-up
    We will also help you with job offer, managing negotiations and ongoing follow-up process to ensure seamless onboarding


To help you gain the most out of Campus Recruitments, we bring our extensive experience in the business dynamics, industry knowledge and our experts will thoroughly assess your company’s needs. Most of the times, inviting freshers, deciding location & other aspects, establishing the filtering framework can be really cumbersome to tackle.

But we bring you a complete package of Campus Recruitment Solutions wherein we will help you determine the exclusive places to hold campus recruitment, deciding on a winning strategy to filter the suitable pool of talent and executing the strategy to recruit the best-in-class talent

Our team also takes care of the subsequent paperwork & formalities. Our team of professionals will put together a comprehensive plan not just to help you but also ensure optimum output from the hiring drives.

The following paperwork is also taken care of. Our team of professionals puts together a plan not just to aid you but advise you at the same time.


With most government schemes today promoting entrepreneurship, there are ample opportunities for set-up & growth of a Startup. However, for the success of every startup, it is crucial that the company hires the right talent at the right time. Most startups do not have the required resources to attract experienced candidates from a dispersed talent pool.

Startups usually have limited finances that are directed towards other vital organizational activities that are critical for the functioning of the company. Hence, recruitment experts from an experienced staffing services provider can come to their rescue. We at Mindpool Technologies have excellent & well defined hiring programs which are cost effective and will also help save you time and efforts.


Customized RPO Offerings

Are you ready to leverage the cost-efficiency and agility offered by Recruitment Process Outsourcing? By allowing an expert RPO Services provider to take care of your entire recruitment processes, you can benefit from the specialized market knowledge of the hiring experts.

While small companies lack the internal resources to conduct an adequate candidate research, big corporations want to widen their talent pool and focus on core functionalities of the company by reducing money and workforce involved in the extensive recruitment processes.

Harness the vast potential of RPA

Our team at Mindpool Technologies will make your recruitment processes seamless, efficient and cost-effective. At the same time, we also ensure that they cater to the unique and specific needs of your company. We help you further reduce recruitment costs and transition time with our RPA services helping you drive efficiency, reduce risks and foster better compliance. We are a leading provider of RPA Services in India and globally. We understand the importance of the expertise in recruitment in an ever changing business scenario. We have the expert resources, capabilities & infrastructure to manage your recruitment process from the start to end. We can also manage your recruitment needs PAN India basic.


You need on-Demand Recruiter when critical positions in your organization need to be filled urgently at the time when there are vacancies, or when the company is expanding. We equip our specialists to understand your requirements and perform on-site in your office premises or off-site at our state-of-art offices. They will be working as dedicated employees working as per your existing recruiting processes.

They will be engaged, guided and managed by your organizational leaders and HR teams to facilitate you in your current hiring goals. We enhance your recruiting capabilities by taking care of your routine as well as special recruiting functions such as identification, sourcing, screening of potential candidates, job description development, facilitating interviews and managing the onboarding process. Our team even executes administrative recruiting tasks including scheduling interviews, maintaining metrics, conducting initial phone screening and assisting in the orientation processes.


Job Description Development




Facilitating Interviews

managing the onboarding process.


The corporate learning industry is going through rapid changes and the dynamic technological landscape calls for continuous growth & development of employees. Today, more than before, there are multiple forces affecting the corporate learning scenario. These forces are generating intense pressure on organizations to keep pace with the evolving standards for managing the learning function innovatively.

Experts at Mindpool will help your employees benefit by learning new skills and becoming a valuable asset of your projects & undertakings. Our on-site Training Programs are designed to improve their technological knowledge, boost employee morale and satisfaction, enhance their soft skills, proliferate better communication, leadership, and time management which will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Avail our Corporate Training Programs in

  • Oracle SOA
  • Android & IOS Developer
  • AWS
  • Hadoop developer/Administrator